About Master Hien

Master Hien V. Nguyen was born in the province of Gia Dinh in South Vietnam amidst the height of French colonization.  Master Hien’s extensive training in sorcery first began in may of 1967 during the Vietnam War after he joined the 5th special force group airborne (commonly known as the green beret) as a combat interpreter.


After seven years of training in both Indian and Cambodian sorcery, Master Hien was bestowed his master sorcerer status in a 1974 promotion ceremony, where he was presented with a cloth system seal and permitted to train others.

His martial art studies in Vietnam Original Kung Fu, Hung Gar, Southern Praying Mantis, Five Animal System, Tai Chi, Baqua, Kuk Sool Won, Hapkido, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do led him to form Dragon Club International Martial Arts Association in 1984 and Vietnam Kung Fu Lohan System in 1994.

In September 1993, after committing an oath to abide by the tenets of Buddhism, Master Hien was ordained a lay monk by the high-ranking Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Thien Nguyet at the Buddhist mountain temple in An Giang province.

Knowledgeable in the practice of sorcery for fifty-two years, Master Hien practices many sorcery systems including Indian, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese. During his residence in the United States Master Hien has also received his doctorate degree in education from Southwest University in 1996.

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