About Sorcery

Sorcerers belong to a higher level of supernatural arts.  They have been known to possess powers of exorcism, precognition, extrasensory perception, mind reading and control and healing.

Because the human and supernatural realms lie so closely together, wandering spirits and demons often travel to our realm.  Demons can then take possession of a human being.  Revenge, personal destiny, or random selection plays a role in demonic possession. Also, spirits may choose to remain at a location and haunt the area.  As with possession, a haunting occurs for a very specific reason. Sorcerers are often called to dispel these spirits.

Haunting and Demonic Possessions

A haunting is best defined as the continuous presence of spirits, usually wandering ones, in a specific location, structure or dwelling.  Common characteristics indicative of a haunting include, but are not limited to, strange and unseen voices or noises, flickering lights, moving objects, apparitions of ghostly shapes, faces or body parts, and unexplainable opening and closing of doors and windows. In extreme cases, a haunting can include feelings of contact by an unseen being, a sense of being choked or held down as well as being physically moved or thrown.  Demons can also portray to be humans at any time performing any human activity, but wandering spirit or evil spirits cannot do the same.

Generally, the spirit has certain demands.  If an agreement is established, then the haunting ends.  If the spirit is difficult, a warning, or a notice of action, is issued.  Following the notice is a sealing process where the entire structure is sealed with supernatural magic.  This means that spirits present inside the site at the time of sealing can not exit, and no other spirits can gain entrance either unless allowed by the sorcerer who placed the seal.

This containment allows the sorcerer to transfer the spirit to another invisible realm, imprison it temporarily or indefinitely, or destroy it.

There are generally three items that a sorcerer must have in his possession in order to substantiate his authenticity.  Possession of an altar, the system seal and knowledge of secret calligraphy are proof of a sorcerer’s mastery.

The Altar

It is the doorway of communication the sorcerer has with his angel, saint or fairy.  It also allows him to invest certain energies or powers into sacred ritual objects, allowing him an additional lens or doorway through which to communicate with the spiritual realms.

The Seal

The seal is the certification of the system that the sorcerer practices.  This symbol is issued by the sorcerer’s master and serves as an authorized certification of the sorcerer’s learning.  This seal can be affixed to cloth, or etched in stone and wood. If affixed to cloth, the size of the seal can range from one handkerchief to as large as three handkerchiefs.  If etched in stone or wood, the seal can span three to four inches. This seal is very important in that the founder of the system usually creates it and hands it through succession from master to disciple during a ceremony similar to graduation.  If a master also has students, a copy of each seal is given to the disciple and students.  The master usually bestows the original seal to his best Disciple.


The calligraphy represents the spiritual rank of the angel that the sorcerer summons, and it is usually indecipherable to non-sorcerers.  Without knowing the correct names and words, possession of the secret calligraphy is useless.

After 52 years of dedicated practice, Master Hien now reveals honored secrets once known only by privileged magic practitioners.  While most sorcerers prefer anonymity, ‘Journey of a Healer’ published in 2006 and ‘A Price For A Life’ published in 2012, offers an exciting and rare glimpse into the real world of an authentic master sorcerer.

Master Hien recounts his amazing battles with ghosts, demons, and evil spirits and takes the reader to places where the supernatural collides with reality.

Excerpt from Journey of a Healer

He was brief and to the point. “I will destroy your family if you persist.  I have power to fight against you.  You know I am different.”  He threatened me saying, “I will only give you three days to withdraw.” I replied, “I will wait for you.”

As stated, he visited me in a dream three days later.  I found myself standing on a mountain peak surrounded by six other mountain peaks.  The demonor a soldier stood atop the other peaks. Wind, boulders, and uprooted trees came toward me all at once as I prayed for assistance.  A protective tornado whirlwind came and surrounded me, preventing the demon debris from harming me.  For three nights the battle persisted, then, a minor reprieve occurred. The cease-fire did not last long, however, merely one week.

This time, I found myself at the bottom of a ravine, surrounded by giant animals flying around me on the attack.  I thought for sure that I would perish and never awaken.  No mere angel could help me.  The leader of the system had to cometo my rescue.  I was awestruck to seemulti-colored, circular waves of energy burst from the lead angel’s head to pierce the giant beasts.  Before the demon withdrew, he issued an ominous warning, “I will get my revenge very soon.”

The next evening my wife woke from a disturbing dream.  The demon soldier appeared to her, and a long tongue protruded from his mouth, uncurling menacingly towards her.  She had a pervading sense that the tongue was meant to choke the life out of her.  Before the tongue could reach her, though, an angel appeared to cut tongue and chase the demon away.

Master Hien currently resides in California and humbly offers his assistance to those in need of consultation for exorcism, spiritual advice and healing.  Master Hien will also have a new book published called “Understanding of Karma” by Summer 2021.

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